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  • Naadi in Tamil means “seeking”. In modern times human beings will be subjected to various problems and the person comes looking at siddhas and rishis for a result.

    The predictions are written on Palm leaves. The leaves with inscriptions has the details of the seeker. The leaf bundles are classified based on Thumb print patterns of humans. The Thumb impressions helps to index out the right leaves for the individual. Like the DNA, the thumb imprints of each individual is unique and so is the leaf and reading.

    The reader asks the individual a few questions to ensure if the right leaf is fished out for the seeker. The seeker just needs to say yes or no until the right leaf is searched. There is no fee for searching as the readings are only available for ones who are destined to be guided by Siddhas and Sages.

Agathiar- Nandi-Bhrigu Jeevanaadi

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